The perfect weekend….

Bed linen: Soak & Sleep. Book: £16.99, Amazon. Metal tray: £12.99, H&M. Mug: £1.50, Primark. Plate: Donna Wilson

4 consecutive weeks of working on weekends has made me really appreciate what they’re all about. Currently, I’m in Spain – and I’m going to be enjoying my weekend – it’s all about that wind down which you don’t have in the week. Even when I work from home on a Sunday (which is all too frequent at the moment), there is a slower pace to life.

When work wears you down and life becomes one big to-do list, it’s the best feeling to clear some space on your weekends (especially now wedding season is slowing down) and make space for, well, nothing. I celebrate being at home, as it signifies time to ‘switch off’ and stabilise everything. Being away for work feels so glamorous but I long for a weekend lazing in bed and not thinking about the next social media post…

For me, it’s about the rituals – Saturdays always mean a lie in, eggs and soldiers and food shopping (in Lidl, naturally), then often seeing friends in the evenings.

Sundays are about cooking – I love to cook a big casserole or something that takes ages to cook, just because I can. I’m optimistic about cooking something from Otto Lenghi’s new Nopi Cook Book – despite the 756 ingredients you need to make each dish, everything in the restaurant tastes so delicious, it’s motivation enough. 
I try and see my nan most weekends too, often to get myself out of the house (as I tend to be lazy these days). In the afternoon: a movie, ironing and relaxing with a candle. Ironing sounds strange, but I love doing it, as it represents time for me, the time to get through the pile and hang up fresh clothes I can’t wait to wear again. And next weekend, when we’re home, I hope to put Marie Kondo’s decluttering theory into practise. Only keeping items that ‘spark joy’.
Throw: £115, Edit 58. Nail polishes: £12,Butter London. ‘The Life and Death of Sophie Stark’, £8.99, Amazon. Pyjamas: The White Company. Slippers: Marks & Spencer.
Lounging clothes are important, too. There’s nothing I like more these days than a good pair of pyjamas (okay yes, I am officially old). The White Company, Desmond and Dempsey or Hush all meet the criteria for me. Equally, cashmere is a must (a pair of the M&S tracksuit bottoms are on my christmas wishlist yearly – but funnily enough, at £99, they never appear).

Twenty One candle, £32, The White Company.

I’ve always enjoyed a good book, but find myself slipping away into the world of social media, apps and emails lately. So I’m rekindling our relationship. I’ve been recommended this book – The Life and Death of Sophie Stark –  by my old editor, book reviewer and founder of The-Pool, Sam Baker. And seriously, there is no higher praise. I was told ‘if you liked ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’, you’ll love this’. Which has pretty much sold me on it – can’t wait to get my teeth into it this weekend in Spain.

I should also mention that I have been admitted into St Thomas’s Sleep Clinic for my sleep troubles. It’s nerve-wracking but also a huge relief to finally be diagnosed and potentially treated (I have something called Slow Wave Parasomnia) – just being listened to and having someone explaining what is happening in my sleep is almost half the battle, and I’ve been sleeping much better since seeing someone. Thank you everyone who left such supporting messages on my last post about sleep. 


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