Out of Office…

Cashmere jumper: £185, Jumper1234. Coated maternity leggings: £28, Next. Trainers: mine are old but these are in the sale, Ash at Very Exclusive. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

Just a short one, mind. I’ll be back in the new year.

And please excuse the teddy bear angel impaled on the top of the tree, it’s all part of the charm..!

So, another year is coming to an end and I am wrapping up for the holidays. Switching off over Christmas has become a new thing to my blog, but something I feel is more and more necessary at the moment, especially with the rise of social media.

I will still be doing Instagram and Stories (we will be using our time off to paint our hall over the new year!) but will definitely enjoy a bit of a slower pace for the next few weeks. Also indulging in some alcohol free Prosecco I have found via Scavi and Ray (I usually don’t believe in pretend alcohol – I’d rather just have a Virgin Mary – but this stuff is delicious!).

2017 has, personally, been an exciting year for us – we have now been in our new home for a year and 2018 has some even more exciting adventures to come. Thank you, once again, for reading this blog over the last 6 years – it is down to you that we can continue doing what we love and I love all the individual connections and interactions I have encountered through this little slice of the internet.

Cashmere jumper: £185, Jumper1234. Coated maternity leggings: £28, Next. Trainers: mine are old but these are in the sale, Ash at Very Exclusive.

Wishing you all a wonderful relaxing break and I will see you in 2018!


  1. Love your blog. So happy to see the development of your house and how happy it makes you. I hope you have the loveliest Christmas celebrating each other and all you have achieved this year. First Xmas with your bump! Happy holidays, Lovely. Much love. x

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for years and consider it a treat at the end of each day. I now have my own 18 week old bump so have been happily following your maternity (or not!) style and am very much looking forward to continuing to follow your adventures in the new year. Happy Christmas to you and your growing family and good luck with the renovations. I’m off to buy the alcohol free prosecco! Xx

  3. Thanks for a year of great posts, Alex – yours is the blog I always look forward to reading. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that 2018 is all you dream of.

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