Baby, it’s (still) cold outside…

Wool scarf: £49, And Other Stories. Coat: £265, Sezane. Jumper: £7 in the sale, New Look Maternity. Vest: £4.50, New Look Maternity. Bag: Radley (old but shop their new range of backpacks here). Jeans: £34.99, H&M Maternity. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

I can’t lie to you, dear reader. This blogpost was supposed to be praising the joys of a backpack for city life, especially when pregnant…but a few days after these photos were taken, my wallet was stolen out of this bag!

I’ve been opting for a backpack over a handbag for a few weeks now, as my back is really feeling the strain after a day of appointments. And I’ve been loving being handsfree once more – there’s something so freeing about it.

This is an old one from Radley I’ve had for a few years and it is still such a good shape…and I honestly think it was less the backpack that allowed me to be pickpocketed, more the fact that I was distracted at the time carrying a suitcase up some stairs on the underground.

I’m still standing by its use as a great bag…!

Anyway, moving swiftly onto the outfit…I think you’ve all probably noticed I’ve had this thing for a pop of red for a while now – it makes the simplest of outfits feel fresh – especially when I’ve mainly been buying accessories to help lift my maternity style.

And obviously stripes and red is a match made in heaven (and who can argue when this New Look is just £7 in the sale?!). I would say that although this jumper is fab, I’m not sure it needs to be maternity – it’s just a great jumper, and comes up a little short so I’m layering it with a vest underneath.

Wool scarf: £49, And Other Stories. Coat: £265, Sezane. Jumper: £7 in the sale, New Look Maternity. Vest: £4.50, New Look Maternity. Bag: Radley (old). Jeans: £34.99, H&M Maternity. Boots: £225, Russell & Bromley.

It might also be one of the last few times I’ll be wearing these boots for a while…my ankles are definitely getting chunkier and it’s becoming harder and harder to get these on – despite cold ankles, it might still have to be mules for the forseeable!

I will be starting to wind down outfit posts on here, preferring the warmth of my house and the security of my comfy pants for the next few weeks – the blog will still be going but just a bit less streetstyle…you can still follow on Instagram and Stories for outfit details and daily imagery, though.


  1. You look so stylish, and cosy, and inspired, as always! I don’t have much red, but will be wearing my orange handbag today in homage! Also, pickpocketing anyone sucks, but an obviously pregnant woman? Pretty low. I hope you’re OK. Sending a virtual hug xx

      1. You’ve got a great writing and sartorial style and have been inspirational during your preganacy on all fronts. So good to see hard work and clever ideas come together. Best of luck over the next few weeks, they will be tiring but rewarding in a whole new way. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear about your backpack being burgled. I also like backpacks for back care and hands-free reasons, but there are some things I look for when choosing them. The first and most important is a security pocket (with a zip) at the back (ie against your back when you are wearing it). It must have a handle at the top to hold when rifling through looking for something, as well as easily adjustable straps. The straps must be adjustable through a slidey thing, not a buckle and holes in the straps, because I want to be able to adjust them while wearing it, some coats are thicker than others, or I’m not wearing a coat and I want to be able to adjust the straps to fit while on the go.

    I well remember the swollen ankles, toes and fingers. Flip flops in the cold weather just don’t feel right. Stay in, rest, catch up on Netflix, watch daytime tv, read books, go on the internet , Skype everyone. Sleep while you can …..

  3. Hi Alex, I would have hoped that some kind person would have seen you and offered you a hand? I recently sat on a train when a pregnant woman got on; no one seemed to want to offer her a seat so I offered her mine. Having said that on the metro in Lisbon last year every time I got on it someone always offered me a seat. I think it’s the grey hair! Hope you’ve bought a buggy with a tray underneath ? Maybe cross the body bags are the future? Take care.

  4. I have a Longchamp backpack I love (bought at Heathrow on my way home, because I’m convinced money spent duty free in airports doesn’t really count) that has a pocket between the back straps on the outside, so it can’t be accessed when I’m wearing it. I use it all the time when I’m travelling. Having stuff stolen is crappy, but sounds like you are ok, and I’m thinking that must be your bad luck quota done for at least a year.

  5. erghh why are some people so shit… sorry to hear about the pick pocketing! love the back pack though, and the whole outfit actually – denim, stripes and a pop of red always <3

    Laura |

  6. Oh no, I’m so sorry you were pickpocketed – that absolutely sucks!! I have to agree with you though that backpacks are the way forward. I walk to and from work (about 3 miles a day) and have been using one for the past 2 years now… I am a complete convert. I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been looking at the Tiba & Marl changing bags which are absolutely beautiful!
    Hannah x

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