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Cashmere eye mask: £38, Boden. Extra soothing balm: £42, Bobbi Brown.  ‘Dozy Girl’ teabags: £5.20, Bluebird Tea. ‘After Dark’ face oil: £48, Kiss The Moon. Beauty sleeping mask: £29.70, Shiseido. ‘Dry remedy’ hair oil: £21, Aveda. Brow strengthener oil: £18, Shavata. Pyjamas: £95, Desmond & Dempsey.  

The older I get, the more I crave sleep and enjoy a chance to throw on my comfy pyjamas, brew a cup of herbal, relaxing tea and climb on into those crisp white sheets…

And more and more recently, with talk of mindfulness and relaxation, I spent a lot of time preparing for sleep, making it the best I can to be ready for each day. My husband often laughs at me as my bedside table is more a beauty junkie’s shrine these days but I love trying new products and seeing what works.

I am very lucky and occasional get sent beauty products by PRs to try (which becomes an expensive habit when you go to re-purchase!) but there are also many products that you can start on a more Frugal budget: I swear by chamomile tea, for example, and try not to drink caffeine in the evenings. My favourites are ‘Dozy Girl’ by Bluebird tea (an independent tea company based in Brighton), a wonderful mix of chamomile with lavender and rose, or Clipper’s ‘Calmer Chameleon’

Copper lamp: £30, Habitat. Marble table: £296 (for a set of two), West Elm.  Pillow spray: £25, This Works.  ‘After Dark’ face oil: £48, Kiss The MoonBeauty sleeping mask: £29.70, Shiseido. Wild mint, watercress and thyme candle: £48, Rathbornes. Hydrating eye cream: £32.50, Bobbi Brown. Brow strengthener oil: £18, Shavata. Quartz: bought in India. Mug: £4.99, H&M (old but buy similar here). ‘Calmer chameleon’ teabag: £2.39 (for pack of 20 teabags), Clipper Tea 
It’s also, obviously, important to keep your bedroom space calm…our loft conversion went a long way to helping my sleep be the best it can be but I also chose white, marble, grey and calming colours to surround me during sleep. We don’t have a television upstairs either, so as soon as I go into our bedroom, I am ready to relax. 
I use oils to work on my skin, as night-time is the optimum time for your skin to renew and heal (after suffering from acne pretty much all of my adult life, I am quite diligent about it). A night oil is also good to put on your fingertips and inhale the calming aroma, too. I alternate oils with beauty masks, Origins have a good overnight one to reinvigorate dry skin and Shiseido’s night cream is made specifically for 20s and 30s skin to help nourish as well as help you into a good night’s sleep.
I also lather my dry, coloured hair with Aveda’s ‘Dry Remedy’ to let it sink into the ends. Tt’s one of the only times you’ll get undisturbed treatment time, so make the most of it!
‘The Sleep Revolution’ by Arianna Huffington: £11.89, Amazon. Aromatherapy night-time blend oil: £9.70, Neal’s Yard. Overnight moituriser: £14.88, La Roche-Posay. Pyjamas: £95, Desmond & Dempsey.  


  1. I've been thinking a lot about my bedtime routine of late. My girls aren't as bad as my cats who now wake us most nights for one reason or another….I need to introduce some more relaxing ways to switch off so thank you for sharing. I must try some oil at night for my skin, it could do with a boost and also love the hair tip XX

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