Interiors Envy: Anneli Bush

Interiors photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

Norwegian born Anneli Bush is one of those girls on the blogging scene who just glows. Lovely, kind and of course, super stylish, Anneli also has an amazing Blog and Instagram. We met many years ago when she worked as the PR for Net A Porter and have stayed friends in this crazy fashion world ever since. Anneli lives in Teddington with her husband Sam and kindly let us in to snoop around…

What is the thing you love most about living in Teddington?

It has everything we need! Our house is right off the high street, which have all the amenities we could want, as well as lots of cozy cafes and boutiques. Our house is a 5 minute walk from the River Thames, a 5 minute walk from the station which takes us directly into Central London, and a 10 minute walk to Bushy Park, the most beautiful park in London (in my opinion). Although our High Street and area has lots of cafes and independent boutiques, we’re just a 5-10 min drive to shopping hubs such as Kingston and Richmond, which has everything we need. To sum it up, we’ve never been happier. 

Where do you buy your plants from?

The Palm Centre in Ham (it’s the BEST), Habitat, Squires and cactuses from the Urban Outfitters store on Oxford Street. 


How would you describe your style?

Classic and minimal, with a feminine edge. I definitely have a strong sense of ‘Scandi’ style, having grown up in Oslo, but I’ve also travelled a lot and lived in so many other different places and cities, such as Sydney and Barcelona, where I’ve definitely picked up some style references from my years living abroad.  

What are your favourite interiors stores?

I shop a lot of my interiors online – favourites include eBay, Amazon, Wayfair and Nest. In terms of stores, I love West Elm, Habitat, Anthropologie, TK MaxxZara Home, H&M Home, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Designers Guild, Skandium and House of Hackney (and so many more)… For markets, I love Chiswick Car Boot Sale, Portobello Road, Borough Market, Brick Lane and Columbia Road. 

You renovated this house, what exactly did you do?

Of all the properties we have bought, this was the one in the “best” condition (we usually like to get them as run down as possible). Which initially was slightly annoying, as parts of it felt like a waste to rip out (we also paid the price for the condition of the house) – but of all the properties we have bought, this was the one that we both fell completely in love with. Although luckily, it has turned out to be a great buy (we just had it valued a few weeks ago) – we definitely both went with our hearts on this one. When it came to renovating, we were also united in deciding on starting the work as soon as we moved in (as it was more than liveable – just not to our taste). We were however very fortunate that the third floor and kitchen extension had already been done – saving a lot of time on planning permission and structural work. All we did were cosmetic changes, throughout every room and space – rendering of walls, new paint, new carpet, new flooring, new bathroom, upgraded the kitchen… It was a big project, given the size of the property (compared to previous renovations), but also, super fun! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

Where is your kitchen from? 

The kitchen which was originally fitted, was a very expensive brand – but it was in glossy red and silver, which was not the colour scheme or style we were going for. However the carcasses and layout of the kitchen was perfect, so we kept the base, and got our builder to fit new cabinet covers, spray painted them and fitted solid brass handles. 

Kitchen table: Out & Out Original. Chairs: Cult Furniture

Sofa: French Connection

Are you more the interiors guru, or your husband?

That will be 100% me. I live for interiors, and have often dreamt making in into a part-time or full-time profession… My husband does try to get involved from time to time, but it doesn’t always end well…! I always take his opinions into consideration though, and try to create a balance of his style and needs (minimal lines with no clutter) and mine (cozy Scandinavian with a boho edge). 

Where is the sideboard in the hall from? And that gold lamp…

The sideboard is from Wayfair 2-3 years ago (I just replaced the knobs with a more modern brass style) The lamp is from Home Sense – it was £24.99 in brass and solid marble  – such a steal! 

This elk hook was a present from Anneli’s sister, which always reminds her of Norway.

Desk: Wayfair.

Rail: Urban Outfitters

Bathroom tiles: Walls & Floors.  Sink: Ikea.

Bath products: Herbivore Botanicals

Towels: Hammam & Home

You seem like a beauty product fiend…what are your favourite products? 

There is just so much I love! I am all about balance when it comes to beauty; which means, I like to use a lot of active products, mixed with lots of natural products. As in, I swear by Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum with Vitamin C and fatty acids – as well as all-natural raw and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil to moisturise. My signature scent is anything from Byredo (I have a slight obsession) – I particularly love Cuir Obscur

The beds in the house are from Feather & Black and Loaf. Bedside tables: Ikea.

Any bargains in your house you were particularly proud of?

There is so much (I have a pretty good knack at spotting good bargains to be had – be it via eBay, flea markets or online) – however what I think has worked best for this particular house, was the ability to change up a piece of simple, inexpensive furniture, via replacing or spray painting the handles. In fact, I ended up doing this with all our simple white chest of drawers and cabinets from IKEA (and some other ones from eBay), by adding some solid brass round handles to them – totally transforming it into a more expensive looking piece of furniture. I also spray painted our wardrobe handles in the bedroom (as they were the perfect fit and style, but wrong colour) – which was a ridiculously cheap an easy way of updating the overall look. It´s often the more simple, easy and cheap interior tricks which are the most satisfying to complete! 

Cushions: Elizabeth Scarlett

Thank you so much Anneli for having us round your gorgeous home – it has a really wonderful, calming feel to it and one I hope to channel in our renovations, and I love how many bargains there are! A girl after my own heart.


  1. I love the touches of brass, it lifts the white in a way stainless or chrome couldn’t.
    Scandinavian seems to be either mid centuary modern and minimalist, or traditional painted furniture. This seems to bridge the gap. Oh and then there are the candles for obligatory ‘hygge’.

  2. Hiya, any chance you could find out where the gorgeous hanging light / bulbs above the kitchen island are from? I’m searching for exactly them and would save me hunting through a million websites to find something similar! Thank you! X

  3. Hi Alex,

    I love this post – and your whole beautiful site! Just wondering if you knew where the gorgeous horse photo above the sofa is from? I looked on Anneli’s site, but I couldn’t see.

    Thank you x

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