Fancy flats

Dress: Cos (old but buy a great shirt dress here). Sandals: £19.99, New Look. Bag: J Crew (sold out). Glasses: ‘Markova’ in cherry blossom, £98, Bailey Nelson. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

It’s that time of year where I become a summer cliche. The pom pom flats have been on my wishlist for a little while, but I didn’t want to spend too much – let’s face it, they’re a holiday thrill. So when I saw these I knew it was worth giving them a go – and they surpassed my expectations. Not too many poms, a hint of neon but not too colourful, and comfortable (if a little jingly!).

I think they’ll be a holiday hit. 

I pulled out my crisp Cos shirt dress from last summer to wear with them, it hasn’t really been the weather to wear much of my summer clothes – and worried my 8 days holiday next week still doesn’t allow me time to wear everything – I might have to do some outfit changes! We are going away to Nerja with some friends and their toddler this year, something we haven’t really done before but we’re really looking forward to getting away.

And I should probably mention the glasses update. I am in love with my Markova style from Bailey Nelson, but am trying the ‘cherry blossom’ colour – they’ve already sold out in store but there are still a few online. I can’t recommend Bailey Nelson glasses enough, £98 handmade frames with prescription lenses (and they do eye tests!), I get so many compliments on my frames. They have a few stores too, so if you’re unsure to try frames online then you might find a more local store.

Dress: Cos (old but buy a great shirt dress here). Sandals: £19.99, New Look. Bag: J Crew (sold out). Glasses: ‘Markova’ in cherry blossom, £98, Bailey Nelson.


  1. Great outfit and be sure you will be compesated with hot weather here in Spain…so hot this summer in fact I wouldn´t mind a bit of english weather occasionally!

  2. Hi, I've been admiring your glasses for a while and finally ordered them. They're a great price! Thanks for the tip.
    I gave you a mention on their site 🙂


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