Winter Warmers

Coat (I removed the collar and belt): £30, Matalan. Faux fur gilet: £159.20 Wallis. Cashmere jumper: £99.95, Gap. Jeans: Zara. Socks: Gap. Boots: £148, Free People. Bag: Lulu Guinness

It’s suddenly got pretty cold, right? To be honest, I’m quite enjoying it – it only feels good buying Christmas presents when it feels like Christmas outside.

I haven’t actually bought many clothes this season, so am working out how to feel winter ready. And the answer is basically: warm layers. I’m investing in faux fur, cashmere and layers of socks! 

My Wallis gilet is now being worn over my coats to add a bit of warmth, and cashmere is a must for both at home and in the office. I love my Gap one (and am lusting after the cashmere leggings!) but Uniqlo’s ones are just as good and better value. I know it sounds cliche, but there really is nothing better at keeping you warm than cashmere!

6 High Street Winter Warmers:

1. Marabou feather beanie hat, £13, River Island

2. Faux fur coat, £95, Topshop

3. Cashmere socks, £35, The White Company

4. Cashmere jumper, £59.90, Uniqlo

5. Cashmere gloves, £27, Accessorize

6. Faux fur stole, £35, Asos


  1. Darling outfit!

    I'd forgotten about your blog, Alexandra, and just came across it again. I'll be sure to keep up, now that I've returned.

    Nancy (Natalie's aunt)

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