The High Street bathroom brand that looks like Byredo

Shower creme, £4.99, H&M

Body scrub: £7.99, H&M

Hand wash: £3.99, H&M

Hand cream: £2.99, H&M

Shelf: £52, Rowen & Wren

Basin: Victorian Plumbing


I’ve had a bit of a pretend business plan in my head for a while…

It was for an affordable beauty brand where the product works, but the packaging was spot on. It was mainly for dry shampoo, because let’s face it, we all use it and don’t spend a fortune on it, but why can’t it look expensive?

And of course, H&M beat me to it. I went to the new Covent Garden store (3 floors of brand new shopping heaven) last week and they had an entire beauty store, filled with minimalist products that wouldn’t look out of place on Net A Porter or an Aesop store. Needless to say: I stocked up.

Hand cream: £2.99, H&M

Dry conditioner: £6.99, H&M

Texturising hair paste: £6.99, H&M 

Bangle: Marks & Spencer (old)

Ring: Cadenzza (old)

Blanket: £29.99, H&M Home (available in other colours)

I’ve always strived for the day when all my shower products look like a chic Hotel, but there is no way I’ll ever be at the level of Aveda only products. Not when the bulk of my money right now has to go on brass fittings and monochrome floor tiles. And as much as I would love to spend a fortune on shower gel, at the end of the day, the packaging is 90% of the time more important!

But more importantly: these products actually work. Their highlighter, for instance, is better than a lot of designer products.

So for now (and the future), this range will do nicely.

Conscious Collection lipbalm: £5.99, H&M

Shower creme, £4.99, H&M

Rosehip BioRegenerate oil: £22, Pai Skincare

Skin energising cleanser: £39.50, Elemis

Nurturing shampoo: £7.99, H&M



  1. Just found your blog today, and I really love it!
    Sitting here in Perth Australia, the heat is intense and I dream of wearing jumpers coats and jeans. Silly eh! The grass is always greener.
    One point, I have to state, I will apologise first though.
    The towel is mucky.

  2. Just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for not only providing excellent content but for the straight forward intelligent way it is delivered. I suspect I may be your oldest follower but being keenly aware of trends and an avid purchaser of clothes and beauty I value the-frugality greatly. Keep up the great work …so appreciated. Good luck with your move. Happy exciting days ahead.

  3. Have so enjoyed your blog this year and am inspired to get more thoughtful about the way I dress (love your style).
    Am always on the lookout too for similar beauty lines – I’m sure you’ve come across it but can I give a shout out to The Ordinary? Made by the same people as Niod etc. Pretty much everything under £10.
    Have always had good (but dehydrated) skin but 2 weeks of using this stuff and my skin is the best it has ever been.
    Have a lovely Christmas and looking forward to the house renovation blogs in the New Year.

  4. Hey, I love your bathroom suite, was everything from Victorian Plumbing? We’re redoing our bathroom shortly and like the stuff on their website…
    We also live in South London and since they don’t have a local showroom we were a bit worried about buying things without seeing them in real life first. Did you find the quality OK? Was the customer service and delivery time good?

    1. Hi Claire, we got a few things from a few different places due to stock levels etc – we found Victorian Plumbing online and found it much cheaper than other places, it came, good quality and on time. I’d definitely use them again for our next house/project! xx

  5. Just wanted to say all the very best with the move, Alex. How exciting to exchange just before Christmas! I am sure it gave you and Erica, the Edited, much to talk about at your bloggers meal the other day or did you have a no house moving ban in place?! Good luck and thanks for another awesome year of blogging.

  6. This is amazing – you know we all want to spend on products that look great but when it looks great, the quality is good and it doesn’t cost a bunch (because you have to keep that up! keeping that up, working for yourself and running a house all at the same time, no easy feat!) that really is fab. I can’t wait to add this to my bathroom!


  7. I loved the new Covent garden store, especially the dedicated beauty store. The range here is really good and the packaging is a bonus. I loved the solid perfume and the balm. The balm is a amazing, I carry it around with me all the time and it has so many uses.

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