My Five Minute Face {in partnership with Bobbi Brown}

Skin long-wear weightless foundation in ‘Cool Beige’: Bobbi Brown. Nude finish illuminating powder in ‘nude’: Bobbi Brown. Blush in ‘Pretty Coral’: Bobbi Brown. Luxe matte lip colour in ‘cheeky peach’: Bobbi Brown. T-shirt: Gap (old). Jeans: H&M (old). Photographs: Karolina Kazcynska.

It’s no secret I’m low maintenance, so much so that the very idea of doing my makeup at home in my bathroom is probably a luxury! When I worked in central London everyday, I would do my makeup on the tube (I know, the germs!) and from then on, I knew that I would never be one of those girls with a make-up bag overflowing with products.

I like to think I’ve finetuned my routine down to a pretty signature look where I feel like me on a good day. And Bobbi Brown is always a huge part of that, you see we go way back. I wore Bobbi Brown make up on my wedding day (as did my mum!) and the fresh-faced, barely there look with a pop of colour is my go-to look, and one that the BB brand is synonymous with.

I love that they’re all about ‘skin’, and if there’s something I’ve learnt from my 30s it is definitely to love, nourish and obey its requirements. I never wore foundation until a few years ago as I always felt it was just a bit ‘heavy’ but this Skin Long-wear weightless foundation honestly feels like a second-skin.

So, to start: I always use a good moisturiser as a primer (the Vitamin enriched face base is great) as it allows the make-up to go on smoothly, then rub the foundation in with my hands, followed by a buffer brush to set. I use about 6 pumps for good coverage but it’s totally blendable and you can use more if you feel like it.

What I love about Bobbi Brown is the fact they have always represented a huge range of skin tones – there are 43 shades of this foundation, all with SPF 15 (told you my new thing was skin and SPF is so important, and not just for holiday!). I am wearing the shade ‘Cool Beige’ which is a pretty perfect match.

Skin long-wear weightless foundation in ‘Cool Beige’: Bobbi Brown.

The formula is matte, humidity-resistant and 16-hour wear – all of those important things you want when you do your make-up at 7am and need it to stay put until at least 7pm! I have pretty oily skin by the end of the day and this has stood up really well. I used to wear concealer religiously but with a good foundation I find myself reaching for it less and less. I actually love to see my skin in its natural state, just better, rather than airbrushed.

Next, I do my brows (with a pencil) and brush them to give some texture and quick shot of mascara (I use Eyeko) – most days I just do the top lash for a hint of colour but sometimes I do both, but make sure the bottom lashes are exposed to just a slight touch with the wand.


Followed by a quick hit of blusher – I think this is one of the few elements I don’t miss off my routine, I have always worn pink blusher but had a consultation with a Bobbi Brown make-up artist a few years ago (Amalie in the Poland Street store in London – if you ever do a tutorial, ask for her – she is amazing) and she suggested a peach. I love how natural it looks whilst still giving the ‘flushed’ look I love.

Blush in ‘Pretty Coral’: Bobbi Brown.

Okay so far we have been about 4.5 minutes and I think I’m almost there. As an adult acne sufferer, five years ago I would never dreamed of having a lens this close to my face so this foundation must be doing something right (it’s non-acnegenic). I love the confidence that make-up offers – beauty products don’t have to be about beauty (and I definitely don’t adhere to anyone’s version of beauty bar my own), but the right products can help you feel fresh and ready to face your demons, my skin used to get me down a lot but putting my energy into finding products which work and knowing how to use them has totally changed how I see myself.

But there’s still something missing.

Step in my new favourite lip colour. It has a slight peach tone to it which I L.O.V.E but still a twist on my classic orangey-red (I fell in love with ‘Bright Poppy’ a few years back which was limited edition but this is a great alternative and still has that matte finish which I swear by).

Skin long-wear weightless foundation in ‘Cool Beige’: Bobbi Brown. Luxe matte lip colour in ‘cheeky peach’: Bobbi Brown.

Finally, dust off with the palette to add a touch of (light reflective) natural glow with the Nude finish illuminating powder and to help hold it all in place and you’re done (I use a light brush gently dusted all over my face for this one).

Once you have the right products, a 5 minute makeup routine falls into place so much easier – and means I can get on with my day, because who really has the time to squeeze in too much else these days?!

This post was in partnership with Bobbi Brown, a brand I have worn and loved for years. All views and images my own.


  1. I’m pretty low key when it comes to makeup like you, but am slowly building a collection of good products and BB really is the best! Might have to give this lip colour a try too, it looks amazing on you.

    Also, I can totally vouch for Amalie too! She did my makeup once for a shoot in the Bobbi Brown studio and I absolutely love the looks she did on me. I’ve always used pink blush too but a couple of MUAs used Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Calypso and it’s a lovely shade, would probably look great on you 🙂

    Lily Kate X

    1. Well I am definitely a peachy/coral convert so definitely worth a go! I love Amalie for never putting her opinions on you of how she thinks you should look! She understands you want to feel like ‘you’ and that is the sign of a good make-up artist xx

  2. You look great Alex – love Bobbi Brown too, need to try that foundation and refresh my own regular lipstick (Italian rose – we’ve been together for a while…..).
    I found when my kids were young make up was useful some days in just helping me feel like me again. Good to see you’re taking care of yourself. X

  3. I’m definitely a low maintenance girl myself when it comes to makeup routines – if I weren’t working in an office I think I’d barely put it on!
    Absolutely love the shade of the blush, it really suits you 🙂
    I appreciate a brand that cares about your skin as well, I’ve never used Bobbi Brown before but I’d like to give their products a try.

  4. See I love Bobbi Brown products but the packaging is insane!! Would be so easy for them to do refills but instead every time I need a new pressed powder I have to buy the whole chunky plastic compact to go with it again – such a waste! As a fellow environmentally-aware bunny you might get more traction with them though, they ignore every email I send in asking! You’re looking fab as ever x

  5. I love the makeup look, too.

    As I understand it, unfortunately Bobbi Brown looks like a cruelty-free brand, but it may not be :

    This information is also on the PETA website:

    There are lots of skincare and cosmetic brands around that don’t test on animals and they are readily available online – if you care about this, and are in any doubt about a brand, here is a list you can reference:

  6. So gorgeous, Alex! I’m a fellow Bobbi Brown devotee (ever since I borrowed her book from the library as a teenager, I was hooked), and swear by this foundation and lipstick.

    Briony xx

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