Stationery addict

Notebooks, paperclips, buldog clips, pencil and washi tape: Primark (coming soon). Diary: Aspinal. Hand cream: £9.18, Lano 
You know I’m addicted to stationery, but when a new, affordable range comes out I’m even hotter on it. When I met with Primark earlier in the year and they showed me their new stationery range, launching late August, I knew I had to share it. Marble? Tick. Copper? Tick. Cool logo pencils? Tick. Monochrome washi tape, including leopard print? Tick tick tick.

Personalised notecards: Moo. Notebook, tape and clips: all Primark
It’s as if Primark have realised all my current obsessions and turned them into one, amazing stationery range. Oh, in fact, that’s exactly what they did. The neutral tones seem to fit seamlessly into my office space and injects a bit of modernity.

Top: Gudrun Sjoden. Jeans: £30, Asos. 
The rather clever ‘Primarket’ section of Primark (all the bits and bobs I like to look at – stationery, phone chargers, useful things for holiday) is seemingly growing and stationery is a huge part of this, which excites me greatly. They make great gifts – for friends as well to oneself.
Like most creatives, I enjoy a messy, but ordered workspace. Not to much colour to distract me but enough going on to excite me, so this range fits with my work station chaos.

Marble folder holder, pen holder, notebooks and pen: Primark Dublin

The range lands in store late August. This blog was in collaboration with Primark, and I’ll see you in the queue!


  1. I really love the marble effect of the notebook – it's gorgeous! Could also double as a flatlay background 😉
    I'm feeling quite inspired by your workspace, with the mood board; I'm currently having a room tidy so may try something similar!

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  2. Oh gorgeous stationery -also can't believe it's Primark!! looks so luxe. Also, I really love your iPhone case -can I ask where that's from as well!?

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