The thing about white linen…

Jumpsuit: Warehouse (sold out). Hat: Asos (old). Bag: £65, Sezane. Sandals: £80, Dune. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

I seem to have turned into my mother and saved white linen for holidays only. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

White linen used to be my pet hate: it creased easily, it’s see-through, most white trousers don’t seem to have zips or pockets which make them hugely unflattering in my opinion and every time you wear it, the hems get dirty and dusty within approximately 3 seconds.

However, this holiday I’ve packed loads of the fabric and I survived. Even with a baby.

What mainly appealed to me about this jumpsuit was the button front – breastfeeding friendly! Plus it has pockets! Plus it is thick linen so not see-through! And actually, with all the natural fibres which are out there at the moment, creased linen is having a bit of a moment.

The wide leg bottoms make this jumpsuit feel modern, too – and note: no dusty hems.

I’m even wearing a black bra under this and it’s no big deal.

I’m not sure why the cliche exists about white on holiday – is it to blend in with your surroundings? Is it to make your tan ‘ping’? Or is it that on holiday you are just more in a relaxed frame of mind and feel confident enough to wear whatever you want?

Whichever it is, I felt great in this jumpsuit and love that it wasn’t too tight around the arms and stomach (most of my pre-baby wardrobe is too tight). It has a boyish quality which can be embraced with flats (always, for me) but could easily feel more evening-y with a bit more holiday bling (did someone say tassel earrings?!).

Earrings: £40, Dana Levy.

Nails in ‘Antique Coral’: £1.99, Natural Collection at Boots

Jumpsuit: Warehouse (sold out). Hat: Asos (old). Bag: £65, Sezane. Sandals: £80, Dune.

Just don’t let me near patatas bravas, okay?


  1. So gorgeous, Alex! I am a longtime white dress lover, but I have been wearing linen basically non-stop this season and love how easy and chic it feels (I also don’t mind at all when it’s a bit creased as it feels more ‘lived in’)

    Briony xx

  2. You look fab as always Alex! I’m packing a white linen (or lets face it, linen-look) Zara dress for a holiday in Italy in a couple of weeks.
    (Long time reader, first time commenting) 🙂

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