More sequins, always

T-shirt: €45, Sezane. Skirt: £18.99, H&M. Bag: J Crew (old but buy similar from Boden here). Sunglasses: £95, Pampelone. Trainers: £175, Ash. Bracelet: £20, Boden. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

This was going to be a ‘what I wore to Port Eliot’ post but seeing that the rain didn’t even let up for one consistent hour the entire time we were away, this wasn’t the case.

I did, however, wear the skirt. But it was worn with a K Way anorak instead, zipped up and tied up around the hood. I’d love to say I looked as chic as this, and I would’ve if I could!

That’s not to say we didn’t still have a brilliant time – it’s a festival I love and it surprises me every year – Stanley Tucci performing his favourite children’s book, a silent film accompanied by a modern orchestra, foraging for medicine…it was just a little (okay A LOT) muddier than we anticipated.

This skirt actually hit its fame late last year, as many I know bought it for the Christmas parties. I resisted its temptation but when I was doing a bit of ‘festival’ shopping, I found it again. Last year I vowed to wear more sequins to Port Eliot (there is a lot of fabulous flamboyance and I felt a little dull in jeans and a tee) – and there this skirt was: IN THE SALE.

It was fate, right? And actually, since owning it I’ve worn it a couple of time just with a tee to meetings and brunch with friends. Who knew, a sequin skirt could be this versatile…note to self: wear more sequins.

T-shirt: €45, Sezane. Skirt: £18.99, H&M. Bag: J Crew (oldbut buy similar from Boden here). Sunglasses: £95, Pampelone. Trainers: £175, Ash. Bracelet: £20, Boden. 


  1. I love that skirt and am kicking myself as I saw it heavily reduced in my local branch and after much umming and aahing I didn’t get is because even at its reduced price I wasn’t sure I’d have suitable opportunities to wear it. Note to self – take more risks! You look amazing in it and it really works dressed down with trainers and a T shirt. Xx

  2. Hi Alex, love your blog. I managed to grab this skirt for a bargain price in the January sales but have yet to wear it. I’m not brave enough to wear it as daywear but have an evening event next month and thought about pairing it with a deconstructed white shirt but not sure if that would be “smart” enough.

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