A warm welcome…

…to the new season. Appropriately titled because it’s always warm when you try and buy your new season wardrobe these days.
Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

This post is a little different, because these images are actually outtakes from our A/W shoot with Oasis last month, shot by my husband as images to use in store as part of my A/W edit! Yes, we had to shoot THIS many shots to get one good enough to use….!

I am thrilled to announce that Oasis asked me this season to style and wear their top trends and key pieces for A/W and the edit and our images will be displayed in selected stores. In particular the Argyll Street store by Oxford Circus, which is the store I would walk past everyday on my way to work when I was based in Soho. I would never have dreamed that I would be on display in that store!


Coat: £100, Oasis. Jumper: £36, Oasis. Suedette skirt: £36, Oasis. Boots: £50, Oasis


Flowers from That Flower Shop, Shoreditch
Now back to the clothes…I wore a few different outfits for the shoot but this was my absolute favourite. Stripes, mini skirt, military tailored coat – it just feels ‘me’. Modern, but not outside my comfort zone and the Chelsea boot (a key piece for me every season) means I can stomp around town and get things done. A masculine boot with a mini skirt is a juxtaposition I am into at the moment and then the longer length of the coat sets it off.
And as long as it stays warm enough, I’m determined to keep my tanned legs out for as long as possible!



The striped jumper is actually a chunky arran knit, so will be a good winter alternative to the breton and has gold buttons on the shoulder, which I love.


Jumper: £36, Oasis. 




And possibly the best bit about these images is that Oasis used them as they were, no retouching, which is all too rare these days. What you see is what you get, with me!
Coat: £100, Oasis. Jumper: £36, Oasis. Suedette skirt: £36, Oasis. Boots: £50, Oasis
Let me know if you spot any graphics in store, I’d love to see! #AutumnByAlex.


  1. Hi Alex, as ever you look incredible and I just wanted to say how happy I am for you for your success. You really deserve it and I think it's ace! Sadly despite many hours of running and resistance training, gravity takes its effect around the knee area so I'll be leaving that fabulous look to you! Enjoy everything that comes from your work with Oasis x

  2. ooh how exciting -I'll look out for you in Oasis! just checking, I can't see a credit for that grey bag which I LOVE -assume that is Oasis too? thanks x

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