Humble brag: Wardrobe Icons shoot

Wardrobe Icons cover shoot, photographed by Eva K Salvi.

Apologies, this is a bit of a show off post (and I’d also be lying if I wasn’t relieved I had access to some images I didn’t have to take myself at the moment!)…but I’m super excited that I was asked to be part of a Wardrobe Icons shoot, with some wonderful inspirational women.

Velvet pyjama top: £330, Ganni at Net A Porter (borrowed for the shoot). Trousers: £18, Asos Maternity. Heels: £89, And Other Stories.

As mentioned in my last post on my career, I met Laura Fantacci in 2008 when I started working at Red – she was covering the Shopping Editor role as maternity cover – I remember thinking how young she was to have such a senior role – but it was thoroughly deserved – she had great style, was very meticulous and always achieved her vision. So when she announced she was going to set up a website based on the perfect capsule wardrobe, I knew she’d do it with aplomb. Laura and Petro (who both met whilst working at Happy magazine previously) set up their site a few years ago and have already had some of the most famous faces gracing their covers – Jenna Lyons, Bobbi Brown, Caroline Issa – and I feel very honoured to be amongst those women.

Posing here with Laura, Petro and also Nene Graville (PR at Industry Menu) and Frances Christie (Senior Director of Modern Art at Sotheby’s) – we talk about how we dress for our shape – I’m not going to go on about it here though as feel I’ve bored you enough with my tips already!

With Laura and Petro. I’m wearing jumper: £350, Chinti & Parker (borrowed for the shoot). Earrings: J Crew (old). Jeans: £32, Asos Maternity. Heels: Zara (old).

So a huge thank you to Wardrobe Icons for treating me like a celebrity for the day and having me as part of this issue!

I’m wearing dress: £34.99, H&M (sold out online but try instore as it’s only a few weeks old – it’s not maternity – just a great dress!).


  1. I have purchased the long beech effect mirror from Ikea that you had on stories,
    I spyed it in your trolley.
    Are you going to hang it on a wall or free stand it on the floor?……. I’m not sure.
    I Love everything you are doing in your new home and Love keeping up to date with your wardrobe.

    1. Yes! Love it…haven’t unpacked it yet (it’s still in my hall!) – I think I’ll probably lean it against a wall, as otherwise there’s too much redundant space – and I often need to move it around for photos! x

  2. Poster girl for the pregnant! Non maternity wear is usually the way forward. You look really happy too as always. Fab shoes by the way!

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