The best beauty products I have used over the last 8 months…

Stretch mark cream: Pai (part of a set). Japanese Camellia body oil: £37, Elemis. Udderly gorgeous bath and shower gel: £18, Cowshed. Bath oil: £18, Bloom & Blossom. Wooden bath caddy: Etsy. Concrete tray: Granit in Stockholm.

I know a lot of people say it’s superstition, stretch marks are hereditary and you don’t need to buy anything specific during pregnancy but I must admit, a few indulgent beauty products have really kept me that little bit more sane during my pregnancy.

‘Blush’ candle: £25, Evermore.

Running a bath after a day of painting and DIY, or even just staying in the bathroom 10 minutes longer after I’ve got our of the shower, applying oils on my skin and enjoying the quiet time (whilst it lasts!) has been my main solace amongst the madness of the past 8 months.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a few beauty items through my pregnancy, so it gave me to try a few different products I possibly wouldn’t have known about as well.  The Pai stretch mark system, for one – I love the natural ethos of Pai (and their rosehip oil is already my winter skin saviour) and the stretch mark cream is joyous to rub on in the mornings to give my skin that supple feeling – especially when my stomach usually feels so tight and stretched (especially after eating). Yes, it adds another layer to your routine – moisturiser in the morning and oil at night but as I said, I’m enjoying the quiet time.

In the evenings, I use Elemis Japanese Camellia Body oil – it smells incredible – the tiny little lid is a tad awkward (I drop it every.single.time) but it glides on beautifully – and it’s apparently what Victoria Beckham used throughout her pregnancy so if it’s good enough for her….

Someone on Instagram reminded me not to just rub it on my belly, either – and knowing from school that I got stretch marks on my lower back and thighs from a growing spurt, I made sure I tackled problem areas, too. It may be hereditary and depend on your skin type but nevertheless, I’ve quite enjoyed my alone time spoiling my skin – I’ve always complained I never had the time before but once you make time, you feel so much better for a decent skin regime.

And in the bath? This Bloom & Blossom bath oil is gorgeous – lovely Helen from Wood/Grey (a friend made through Instagram) bought this for me as a congratulations present – and it makes bath time that little bit more special – and not to mention leaves your mind guilt free as it’s pregnancy safe (I had a bit of a panic when working with clary sage for a blogpost – I didn’t realise it could be an abortive!). Be careful when getting out as the oil can sometimes be a bit slippery – I always make sure I rinse the bath out properly afterwards.

I spoke a little bit on instagram Stories recently how my skin was the best it had ever been – I had always heard this was the case but didn’t truly believe it would happen to me (someone who has had adult stress induced acne for the past 15 years). And yes, it happened to my hair too – it has been so shiny and easy to style (my usual hair doppelganger without product is Hagrid from Harry Potter) – so nice in fact, that I have resisted getting it cut during pregnancy – I thought I’d make the most of it and try and enjoy longer hair for a while. Before it goes back to normal, I get angry and chop it all off.

I will just use a High Street shampoo like Tresemme or H&M, but keep up with the oils post washing…Kerastase’s ‘Elixir Ultime’ is by far the best for my hair (and luckily, lasts for ages so cost per wear, makes a lot of sense).

Ultime hair elixir: £29.60, Kerastase. Shower Creme: H&M.

The next product scares me slightly, but needs must! I’ve been given mixed responses regarding the pereneum massage – Mother of Daughters Clemmy recommends doing it, but a few on Instagram have said it doesn’t make a difference. I suppose what will be will be, but it’s worth a shot! I’m already in the bathroom for ages post shower these days so I might as well add something else to my regime…! Just hope no one walks in on me….

Pereneum massage oil: £7.45, Weleda.

101 ointment: £8.79, Lanolips. Pillow mist: £20, Neom Organics.

Without going into too much detail here, I have found my nipples to be extremely painful throughout my entire pregnancy – more so than my breasts. I have used Lanolips for a lipbalm for years (after being recommended by the Beauty Editor at Eve) and have been doubling it up as nipple balm at night which has helped soothe them no end…

My sister has recommended Lansinoh as well for breastfeeding. as there is no need to remove before feeding.

Pillow mist: £20, Neom Organics. Bed linen: Soak & Sleep.

And for sleep? Well, it’s not been going that great for me – pregnancy insomnia has definitely struck the last few months and I’m usually wide awake at 4am…I have actually found that going to sleep a little later has helped, rather than giving into the 9pm bedtime – and I have been using the Neom sleep spray on my pillow every evening and use a V shaped pregnancy pillow (kindly donated by my sister in law) – I haven’t really found the need for a giant expensive pillow yet (I kind of just like something to hug!) and fingers crossed I won’t need it. It’s frustrating when you can’t sleep knowing that the sleepless nights are to come but I’m slowly getting there…

Any other tips I’m all ears…!


  1. That cream your sister has recommended – Lansinoh… if it’s the one I remember (has pure lanolin or something, and almost looks like a really thick honey) is the absolute bomb. Start stockpiling that now x

  2. Can I ask you where you got the wood over the bath thing you have? Thinking of getting one. I used a lot of basic massage oil all over and especially the perineum and I don’t know what contributed but I didn’t get one stretch mark and no stitches so good luck and its the right thing to do to take care of yourself in the way that you’re doing

  3. Do the perineum massage!!! It may well be bunkum but I did for both of mine and it stands to reason that strong supple skin is going to withstand that mega-stretch more than, well, not! In fact when I started reading your post I already decided to mention oiling the undercarriage ?

  4. Great post – I wish I had seen something like this when I was pregnant! My mother managed to have no stretch marks after 4 children & I was really hoping I would be the same. I made it to 39 weeks stretch mark free & then really annoyingly they sprung up during the two weeks I was overdue 🙁

  5. If you feel like some extra indulgence I would definitely recommend the Susanna Kauffman range, the bath oils are a must!! Liberty’s and Space NK have them online.

  6. Lansinoh is great definitely! It can really help esp in those early weeks. One tip though- although it doesn’t need to be washed off and is safe for babies, it can make things quite slippery for them to get a good latch leading to more soreness (found this out the hard way). I used to dab on a v v small amount lightly after feeding but not use loads, and also if you do have soreness or any cracks to start with (it can take a while for you both to get the hang of it) then going bra-less and also using a bit of salty water on the cracks then drying thoroughly after feeding can help no end – adjustable window blinds v useful so your neighbours don’t get an eyeful!! Good luck and hope it all goes well Xx

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