Maternity Leave: what will change

Top: £34, Topshop Maternity. Bag: £85, Wood/Grey. Earrings: £9.99, Mango.

This is one of those weird posts where writing it down is actually more beneficial for me than you…but thought it was a good idea to let you know what will change on the blog going forward.

There is no doubt that having a baby will be the biggest thing that will have happened to Chris and I since working on the blog. I have taken a few weeks off the blog before but never a big chunk.

And the truth is I don’t know what will happen…I might have a dreamy situation where I can work between naps, I also might not. And even if I find the whole process easy, I deserve some time off. So, with this in mind, I will not be posting on the blog for 2-3 months – I have scheduled content until mid March and then won’t be back until May/June at least.

Photograph: Eva K Salvi

Parenting-wise, Chris and I are going to tackle the whole childcare thing together. I count myself as so lucky to have someone who can do this whole shared parental leave with me (despite Chris not actually being allowed to claim anything from the government as a freelancer – it’s still a work in progress and we’re going to muddle through).

We have booked to go to Spain for a bit over the summer (please don’t tell me this is a bad move – I’m still in the throes of dreamy, idyllic parenting right now!) – to my family flat, to unwind and do things at our own pace (plus it’s actually cheaper to live out there and eat out than staying at home in London – flights were £80 return for all three of us).

We will be working together more and I’m really excited to have him as a huge part of my blog going forward – he already takes a lot of my photos and now will have more of a say in The Frugality’s future.

Will there be more baby content? Potentially…but in a lifestyle way – I would like a lot of my baby’s life to be private and give them a choice in the way they are depicted online. However, we’re also aware that it will be a huge part of our life and the baby will be with us on a lot of our blogging adventures. It already feels weird discussing a baby that’s not born yet…

Jumper: £100, Sezane. Bag: Sezane (old). Jeans: £32, Asos Maternity. Earrings: £9.99, Mango. Lipstick in ‘Paris Pink’: £17.50, Smashbox.

I am not a mummy blogger and never started my blog to be about me, but it has evolved into being more personal in recent years. But honestly, there are tons of blogs and Instagram feeds that are doing that parenting thing so well, I really don’t think I need to compete – so I’ll stick to what I know: fashion and attempting interior renovations, with a bit of ‘being a mum’ thrown in.

I have TONS of ideas for the blog for when I return, a lot of which I am really excited about – more thoughtful, considered content with more of a 360 approach – videos, how-tos etc and I have some really exciting partnerships in the works which will enable me to be much more flexible about how I work on content. I also aim to work on more exclusive discounts via my Newsletters (which have been put on the backburner over recent months).

Dress: £17.99, H&M. Bag: Charles & Keith (old). Shoes: Boden (old).

So anyway, I’m waffling on as though this is goodbye but it’s not. I have another post coming up still and then will be back here soon. I will also still be posting via Twitter and Instagram (but the daily uploads might slow down for a while).


  1. Good luck on your maternity leave; you absolutely deserve time off!! It will be a huge, but wonderful, change to your lives and you need to time to just ‘be’.

    You got this mama! X

  2. Good on you! I think that Spain sounds like an excellent idea- a change of scene is never a bad thing. Good luck xx

  3. Looking back, I can see that tiny babies are, in fact, highly portable, and wish I had done more getting out and about at that time. So I’d say… Spain is a good move! I hope it all goes beautifully for you and your little family.

  4. Spain is a wonderful idea. Myself, himself and our firstborn (who was six months old), headed off on travels all the way down in New Zealand. Easily the best idea we ever had! It will make the maternity leave all the more special. And wow is it easier to travel with a baby than with a toddler! Best of luck with the new person!

  5. Good luck Alex – it’s certainly an exciting new adventure for you! I work for an NHS Trust and we have recently launched a website for new parents called Health for Under 5s – lots of tips and advice from health visitors covering things like getting breastfeeding established, baby developmental milestones, supporting learning and play etc. It’s a good resource with lots of links to other recommended sites – wishing you, Chris and your bump lots of happiness xxx

  6. What a great idea to take some time off and give your family some space. Your blog and audience will still be waiting 🙂 I really wish someone would have told me how hard having a baby is, the intense sleep deprivation and how it changes your life so completely forever. Of course the positives do outweigh it all .. I guess some honesty can be a good thing though 🙂 Just been up all night with my 3 month old and my 3 year old woke up on the wrong side of the bed so to speak as well!! Wishing you the best!

  7. Well done for giving yourself breathing room. You deserve it and need it to adjust to being 3! Have fun, enjoy and good luck xxx

  8. Just wanted to wish you both love , happiness and sleep of course.
    As a Costume supervisor I have enjoyed and found your blog useful over the last year. My daughter was 21 last year and being a mother has been the hardest and the best thing that has happened to me.
    So enjoy and each difficult stage does not last for ever.
    Best wishes

  9. Best of luck on the next venture! I am so looking forward to see more of your house renovations and baby’s room etc. Love your sisters one so I know yours will be just as stylish! Spain is a great idea. We were in France with no1 baby for a few weeks and it was brilliant. You can do what you like on your first so do it!

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