Pop of red…

Blazer: Gap (old). Tee: Zoe Karssen (old but found this via The Outnet). Jeans: £40, Topshop Maternity. Bag: Marks & Spencer (old). Heels: LK Bennett (these are old but buy similar here). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

I’m back (kind of), and feeling much more like myself, so much so that I shot lots of content this week – so hopefully the blog can get back to normal.

And wearing maternity jeans – I have only bought two pairs and these are definitely my favourite – in fact, I’m not sure I can ever go back to my old jeans that involve buttons or zips?!

I am actually loving the simplicity of my wardrobe at the moment – there’s only a handful of trousers and a few dresses that I have access to and I must admit it takes a huge stress out of getting ready.

That said, I am still relying on my trusty red heels and red lip (Bobbi Brown ‘Flame’) to lift an outfit.

My husband keeps laughing at me as my favourite phrase right now is ‘Pop of Colour’ – probably because we’re painting so many rooms in our house dark colours, I keep using it as an excuse to buy pink vases and yellow bowls – ‘for a pop of colour’.

But sometimes you need it to lift your outfit, and your soul. I’ve been living in red lipstick lately, as it’s the one thing that can make me feel pulled together when I’ve been feeling less than fab, and had no energy to put any other makeup on for meetings.

This blazer is such a classic from Gap, and one of my favourites…and a wool blazer is perfect for this time of year when it’s still pretty mild out (learnt from too many mornings leaving the house in Uniqlo heat tech, only to be sweating a few hours later and having to change in the loos!).

Necklace: £169, Lucy Williams x Missoma 

Do check out the new collaboration between my friend Lucy (fabulous blogger at Fashion Me Now) and jewellery brand Missoma – this is the new ‘Roman Colection’ – lots of sovereigns, medallions and chunkier pieces that I am loving this season.

Blazer: Gap (old). Jeans: £40, Topshop Maternity. Bag: Marks & Spencer (old). Heels: LK Bennett (these are old but buy similar here).


  1. I bow to your ability to wear heels while pregnant! And yes I loved having a really stripped down wardrobe with barely a handful of pieces to choose from when pregnant. Looking great!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, so amazing once that first trimester awfulness lifts! I really regret missing out on this gap blazer, don’t suppose you’ve seen anything similar (but more affordable than the Sezane one) ? Xx

  3. Feel so relieved for you! I clearly remember crying tears of joy at being able to eat one of my folks’ Roasts (& keep it down). I honestly still don’t know how I’d get by without a swipe of something colourful on my pout; colour does wonders for the soul as much as a pleasant distraction from tired eyes!

    I lived in two pairs of Topshop Mat jeans & one style from H&M – all over-the-bump – plus a pair of cargos. I didn’t buy anything else from ‘Maternity’ sections, just sized up & I do that anyway. It’s funny because in late pregnancy I wore lots of tight, ribbed style tops & dresses. The bigger the bump was the more I felt comfortable about a bit of cling. You look amazing & you look like YOU. S x

  4. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could get jeans that look like they have a zip and button but are elasticated waist for when you are not pregnant too!
    Your looking fab by the way ?

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