The golden hour {in partnership with L’Occitane}

Using bonding time massage balm: £24, L’Occitane. Wearing: Cashmere jumper: H&M (old). Jeans: H&M (old). Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

In my previous life (read: jobs), 5pm used to be those dreaded end of day deadlines: rushing to get custom documents signed and carnets finished in time for a shoot, running to the postroom to grab looks before they closed for the day, finalising call sheets and booking couriers. Now, whenever I can, I try and save 5pm onwards for Peggy….it’s my favourite time of the day when we wind down for the evening.

Bath-time for us involves nappy free-time in her room (we’ve been using reuseables lately and love them but more on those later), reading a book followed by a warm bath with her favourite toys and L’Occitane products before milk and bed. It all happens quite quickly and is probably the one time of the day which is completely phone-free.

The Frugality x Shea Baby pouch: £19, L’Occitane. Bonding time massage balm: £24, L’Occitane. Large cuddles and bubbles foaming cream body and hair wash: £18, L’Occitane. Mini lovely & gentle moisturising milk and mini cuddles and bubbles foaming cream for body and hair: L’Occitane (both of these come with purchase of the pouch). Tray: H&M Home (old). Wooden bath caddy: Etsy.

Lamb toy: Cuddle & Kind. Sheep rattle: Smallable. Peggy’s (my) favourite bedtime books: ‘Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes’, ‘Julian Is A Mermaid’ and ‘Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure’. Bonding time massage balm: £24, L’Occitane.

I have always used the gentlest products on Peggy’s skin, and L’Occitane’s Shea Baby range is naturally derived, using only ethically sourced shea butter. We use the Cuddles and Bubbles foaming cream at bath-time, followed by the moisturising milk and the balm is amazing for baby massage, or any extra dry patches which I massage on her elbows and calves in the day, especially during the winter months.

Towel: Liewood.

Soft fragranced water: £35, L’Occitane. Bonding time massage balm: £24, L’Occitane. Travel size Shea hand cream: £8, L’Occitane.

I use the fragranced water on Peggy’s clothes – helps when they come back from nursery!

I have been a fan of L’Occitane handcream and soap for years personally, there is something about their packaging which I have always loved. I once, in fact, styled a shoot with Yasmin Le Bon with L’Occitane for Red about 5 years ago in Corsica, and have used the products ever since. The Shea travel size creams are perfect for your handbag in the winter (my hands are so dry this winter, maybe it’s all the nappy changing) and make excellent gifts for friends (and my mother in law!), and they really are the best hand creams around.

Travel size Shea hand cream: £8, L’Occitane.

But this isn’t the only reason for partnering up with them, when we met to chat about working together, I loved their story and most of all their ethos and ethics and thought I’d share a bit here:

  1. L’Occitane have a keen recycling policy, and are working with Terracycle to reduce landfill. Drop your empty products (from any brand!) into store and receive 10% off your next product (find more info here).
  2. A lot of their products use renewable resources or sustainable forests for packaging and there are also certain products where you can buy recyclable refill pouches to fill your existing bottles, which are cheaper than rebuying the product.
  3. All Shea products are ethically sourced, fair-trade and the transparent supply chain is something they pride themselves on. The shea butter used in these products, for example, is sourced from Burkina Faso, where they employ over 17,000 women and established a co-developing partnership, with the L’Occitane foundation offering women of Burkina Faso access to literacy and girls’ education.

If that’s not a reason to fall in love with this brand, I’m not sure what is.

Hooks: H&M Home. Sleepsuit: Matalan. Trolley: Oli Ella. ‘Buster’ toy: Meri Meri. ‘Julian Is A Mermaid’: Amazon.

I have been working on a gorgeous travel pouch with L’Occitane, it’s a handy pouch you can carry your products in, or just keep them neatly with your bathroom stash. It comes with three of their best mini Shea products which are perfect for travel: the foaming bath cleanser, moisturising milk and a hand cream, and is available online here. They smell incredible and the story behind the products make them even more special, and Peggy and I can vouch for them, of course.

Photograph: Joe Galvin.

This post was in collaboration with L’Occitane but thoughts and direction my own. There will also be some exciting plans with L’Occitane coming up (including a store meet-up!) so sign up to the newsletter here to be the first to find out.


  1. Such an adorable and useful collab! While useful may not be the best word to use to describe this, I’m still very much excited.

    The pouch is very useful and I can definitely foresee stocking up on a few for all the soon to be mom’s in my circle of gals.

    When you get a chance, could you re-look at link to read more on L’Occitane’s recycling? I can’t click on the link

  2. How do you keep Peggy’s temperature up during nappy free time? (And how long do you keep her nappy free?) I’m always worried our little one will get too cold!

  3. Lovely post Alex, bath time is a real winding down time and if you haven’t the luxury of a bath a portable one is just as good !

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