8 independent brands I’ve discovered since having a baby

I remember, a couple of years ago, my sister telling me that she bought all of my nephew’s clothes via brands she discovered on Instagram, which to me sounded so alien at the time. But, since having Peggy and following other parents and small businesses, often run by mums doing their own thing, I have to say the online world really opened up and I have been made aware of so many lovely small brands.

Where possible, I try and shop more locally and with independent shops, especially brands where I can relate and connect to the owners. I thought I’d share a few brands I have discovered over the last year (yes, Peggy is almost 1!), and ones where, if you maybe have a chance to buy clothes for your little ones, or a gift for a friend, perhaps you could visit these brands rather than the usual Amazon shop we’re all guilty of.


One of the first sites I remember my sister loving – full of beautiful wooden toys, bamboo tablewear (helpful for plastic-free parenting), gorgeous clothes and the cutest gifts. Peggy got one of these dolls for Christmas and the ‘Everybody’s Welcome’ book makes a wonderful gift.


Set up by an ex PR I used to work with, we reconnected over the amazing teething toys she stocked. Home to brands such as Organic Zoo and Cam Cam Copenhagen, I just bought one of the #TeddyForTeddy toys as part of a collaboration with Elle from ‘Feathering The Empty Nest‘ raising money for neonatal wards for premature and sick babies in Elle’s son Teddy’s memory.

Peggy with her ‘Kendall The Kale’ teething toy: £14, West Stanton.


We’re definitely out of our ‘muslin fog’ of the newborn days, and in fact, we have put a few away in the loft now but this brand is one of the few I can’t part with. Etsy sent me one of these muslins as a newborn gift and I have since bought more: for both myself and friends (I love the cute animal face ones!).


Gemma from Mutha Hood is one of those lovely, warm women who just know how to lift you up. Her Instagram account is one of pure joy and she is a rather clever businesswoman, too!

Tee: £15, Mutha Hood.

‘Strong Girls Club’ print: £25, Mutha.Hood x Wonder & Rah. Banner: Happy Sunday Studio. Wall stickers: Happy Decs.


Peggy is asleep in one of the pineapple print Babasacs right now as I type (which can be used all year round by removing layers). I love the story of how Keira set up her own brand whilst on maternity leave, using redundancy money. And we’ve teamed up to offer you 20% off any orders for the next 48 hours – use code FRUGALITY on anything except sale items and bundles.

Muslin: Mama Designs.

Baby sleep spray: £9.99, Bloom & Blossom.


A friend bought me some bath oil from this brand whilst pregnant (all of their products are pregnancy safe), and since then it has become a firm favourite with me. I particularly love the Roald Dahl collection (so sweet!) and have bought a few of these for friends and their babies – a great price and who doesn’t love the characters?!


Manchester based hand-printed super cool tees, I love the leopard print – obviously.

Number tee: £20, Bob The Brand.


If, like me, you connect to stories then Jo from Scamp & Dude’s will definitely speak to you. A brand started out as Jo suffered a brain haemorrhage, she launched her brand to offer support and make children feel more secure when apart from loved ones, echoed in the logo ‘a superhero has my back’. We use the leopard pouch for all Peggy’s medicines and can always spot it easily in the drawer! The brand had also just collaborated with Cowshed on a range of superpower infused bathroom products, too.

Candle: £38, Scamp & Dude x Cowshed.

Oh and one last thing: if you fancy seeing me in person to discuss my favourite small person brands, or just to generally have a natter…Peggy and I will be at the L’Occitane Regent Street store Friday 15th March 10am-12noon! There will be hand massages, coffee, macarons (of course), an exclusive instore discount, people on hand to help with babies and you leave with one of my Shea Baby pouches! It’s a ticketed event, but you can purchase tickets here – I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you on the day!


  1. You may already know of it but Mother’s Hub in Walthamstow stock loads of lovely British brands and have a great 2nd hand rail.

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