Tips for a Wardrobe Detox

There is no one on this earth that can call me a hoarder. I like a clean, tidy and minimal household. Kind of ironic considering I’m a Fashion Blogger – but for me, all the more reason to be practical. You’ve seen the size of my wardrobe (here, if you need convincing) – if the new stuff doesn’t fit, the old stuff has to go.
I often take for granted how easy it is for me to detach myself from belongings. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not very materialistic – or maybe I’m just fickle, yet to be deciphered – and clearing out gives me a sense of control and wellbeing – it’s upcycling after all!
Vestiaire Collective sent an email a few weeks back about ‘Practical Minimalism’ and have in fact released a Wardrobe Detox booklet, partnered with Anuschka Rees from Into Mind (if you haven’t seen this blog, it’s FAB), which is downloadable from their site – and it made me think I have never shared a few of my tips that people might find useful. So, along with Fanny Moizant from Vestiaire, I’m sharing a few nuggets of wisdom:
1. Do you really need that many of the same thing?
So I’m not really counting breton tops in this discussion but I am a total sucker for buying something I like again and again and again. Even whilst writing this, I’m thinking about the pair of Archive by Alexa x M&S sneakers I was looking at today when I clearly have enough classic white trainers. But when I’m clearing out I look realistically and think, do they serve the same purpose? Are those looking a bit worse for wear and can be replaced with the fresher ones? Sometimes the answer is ‘no’, but more often than not I can lose something…

2. Does it spark joy?

Now I can’t be held responsible for this one, Marie Kondo’s now infamous phrase makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes I’ll pull something old from the back of my wardrobe and think ‘I haven’t worn this for a while, I must wear that again’, so I do, and if I don’t feel fabulous in it all day, I’ll come home and get rid.
3. Prioritise

I love clothes, but sometimes a big fat realisation slaps me in the face and I become Carrie in Sex And The City “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and have nowhere to live?”. Currently with the refurbishment and roof bills, the idea of doing carboot sales and making some extra cash seems more important than having an overspilling wardrobe.
Bracelets: Astley Clarke
4. Pack away

Due to space, I swap over my winter and summer wardrobes and store in our loft. Time away from clothes helps with detachment and often, when I go to unpack last season’s clothes, seeing them all come out creased and worse for wear helps me make a decision about pieces that I love/ don’t love anymore.
5. Designer pieces hold their value

Yes, they cost more money originally, but designer clothes are always worth more at resale value – so for me, they’re often the first things to go. I’ve just resold my Cecilie Copenhagen dress on Vestiaire Collective and didn’t lose that much on it.
6. Be practical

Those shoes you bought, the pointy kitten heels. Are they comfy? can you wear them everyday? Or do you feel a wince of pain just looking at them? Yes, they’re pretty, but they’re taking up valuable space in your wardrobe if you dread wearing them.

Still finding it hard? Here are some tips from style expert Fanny Moizant – one of my style crushes and founder of Vestiaire Collective – on making your wardrobe work for you: 

1.    Firstly pull together the classic pieces, the ones you wear
everyday; these will make up the core part of your wardrobe.

2.    Operate a
one in one out policy, if you purchase something new then something has to go!
3.    Think about versatility. If you can’t wear an item in
three different ways with things that already exist in your wardrobe then it
doesn’t work anymore.

4.    Be brave, if you haven’t worn something in the last 18
months, then get rid of it.

You can download your own Vestiaire Collective Detox Booklet here


    1. Me too – but reselling/upcycling makes me feel better about the chain! Buying clothes makes me happy so there's nothing wrong with that – but it's also good to accept that I can't keep everything forever x

  1. Wonderful post, thank you. I like the versatility tip and must work better at the being brave GULP….Now to offload some beautiful (and horrible uncomfortable) shoes….

    1. Yes it is ! You don't have to add as much detail as eBay etc as people know their stuff already pretty much…and you set the price etc – some things can be on sale for a few months without shifting, so you still have to store them – but then you can wait until someone pays the price you want, rather than letting things go for 99p on eBay (as once happened to me with some Dolce shoes!) – the horror!

  2. What a timely blog! I was rifling in my shoes earlier and came up with 3 pairs which can go instantly, plus another two I'm considering. Just need to steel myself and start on my full-to-bursting wardrobe too!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I've been dedicating the whole of April to decluttering my home including my wardrobe the Marie Kondo way so it's been great to learn some new tips and get a fresh take on it. I really enjoyed your tip about wearing something and seeing if you feel fabulous for the whole day.

    I've been writing about my month of decluttering on and I'd love it if you'd check it out. My wardrobe is a lot smaller (except for dresses – most spark lots of joy!)

    Katie x

    1. Thank you -it's so interesting how well these sorts of posts do! I forget I have at least one skill in life(!) – loved your post on storage too – I agree you can't throw everything out so it's good to know how to store chicly and effectively x

  4. I love your blog and insta pictures-thank you! I've drastically cut down my colour palate. That's trally helped the decluttering process. When are you next doing battersea? Will definitely pop down. Steph x

    1. yes – me too! The occasional 'fun' purchase but definitely helps with keeping the wardrobe more defined. I do Battersea about twice a year – the next one will probably be September time (before it gets too cold!) x

  5. I go through my wardrobe twice a year like that and I always have stuff I want/need to throw out. That sense of freedom after the clean out is divine :-).

  6. First post I have read on here and how inspiring. Already started decluttering that wardrobe and feel okay about it. So nice how you interact with your readers on here too – so personal and lovely! Keep up the great work Ms Frugality ��

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