What I actually wear to work from home

Cardigan: American Vintage (sold out but buy similar here). T-shirt: Ba&sh. Wool joggers, £14.99 in the sale, Gap

It’s a strange world, this Instagram parallel universe, where everyone looks impeccable all the time – running around Paris or London on their way to meetings in heels and walking the dog in skinny jeans and 4 inch heels. Obviously, I’m a culprit as I only ever show the glossy part of my work, so thought I’d show a few pictures of what I actually wear when I work from home.

It is actually rare that I work from home, and a total luxury when it does happen. To get the most relevant and interesting inspiration for my site, I have to meet with PRs and go to press days to find exclusive content. However, at some point I have to take photos and actually upload content – and to do that, I like to be as comfy as possible without looking like a slob. As you can imagine, I never sit at my desk in jeans and heels, and with the rising costs of gas we rarely have the heating on so warmth is also key. I swear by cashmere and oversized knits – cashmere, for me, really is such a worthwhile investment. 
I have about 7 grey and navy cashmere crew-necks (from Gap, Boden, M&S) which are generally on rotation worn with my Gap Brooklyn Joggers and my recent Wyse cashmere tracksuit pants – cashmere AND on trend for S/S – perfection).
If I need to pop out quickly, I don’t panic too much – a pair of Stan Smiths and I’m ready to go. In the spring, I’ll wear a classic slouchy shirt with my joggers (half tucked, obviously, to look as J Crew as possible in my 2 bedroom maisonette). I love Splendid’s khaki shirt, which I’m hoping to wear all summer.

Believe it or not, this is the size of my wardrobe. YES. That’s why I am always doing carboots or selling clothes through Tictail. 

Khaki shirt: £155, Splendid. ‘Cato’ desk, £125, Habitat 
100% cashmere jumper: £69.99, Gap. Cashmere tracksuit pants, coming soon, Wyse London. Tumbler: £6, Falcon Enamelware

And those still-life images you see on my instagram? Yes, I do spend ages on them – and I look like some sort of comedy sketch where my husband walks in and just rolls his eyes.

Tumbler: £6, Falcon Enamelware. Candle: part of a set, Bella Freud. Highlight stick: £8, Soap & Glory. ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo, £9.09, The Book Depository

So the moral of this blogpost is: if you see me looking all glammed up on Instagram before 8am…chances are that photo was taken yesterday and I’m uploading the pic whilst sitting in some track pants. Just remember that and all will be fine.


  1. Ha ha, love the final sentence of this!! As I read this I Am wearing the same grey joggers from Gap (except mine went in the dryer so they're more like grey woollen cropped joggers, sad times!)

  2. "to look as J Crew as possible in my 2 bedroom maisonette" – I love this! Totally my goal:)

    Alex, can you recommend a hairdresser in SW London? I am looking for a new one and live close to you, in Southfields, and I thought you might have the inside scoop of a good one round there. Or in the City? x

    1. Hi, I go to Lockonego on King;s Road, it's not fancy but not too pricey either and I love the staff. Andrew does my hair colour (seeing him this afternoon for a pre fashion week hit!) – I often think if you find somewhere you like, stick to it. Plus I can get a bus all the way home after 😉 xx

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