DIY – Christmas Wreath

Last week, my sister had the brilliant idea of making some plant-based wreaths. Always one for DIY, I jumped at the chance – and we were so thrilled with the results!


The inspiration: wreath, £50, The White Company

My sister bought the moss wreaths from eBay, roughly £20 for 10 small wreaths. We used eucalyptus, lavender, red berries and baby’s breath to adorn the wreaths.




My nephew, Rocco, enjoying his lunch whilst watching us

We used chopsticks to secure holes and then just inserted the stems. Finishing off with ribbon at the top for hanging (I had rolls left from my wedding I used up!).




Eucalyptus is quite easy to acquire at this time of year, and luckily baby’s breath is really cheap. We made enough for our flats, and then gave to our mum and nan as early Christmas gifts.

The eucalyptus versions will last longer than the gypsophilia ones, and you may have to spray them with water to keep them lasting longer, but they look fantastic and my flat looks so festive.

It might not be the cheapest wreath but we had such fun making them, listening to Christmas music, and I got to hang out with my nephew!



My last attempt, sitting at home on my mantelpiece – wish I’d thought of making some of these for our wedding!


  1. Brilliant! I'm doing this on Monday – I have a session scheduled with my friend who makes me one every year but we thought it might be fun if I did my own this year. And no they're not cheap to do … but incredibly satisfying I can imagine!

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