How to dress like a French girl…

Faux fur coat: £99, Marks & Spencer (bought instore). Jeans: £180.61, Paige Denim at ShopbopSuede chain strap bag: £99, Marks & Spencer. Photographs: Amber Gordon

Throw on some leopard print, add some skinny jeans and always pair with chic flats. This was probably one of the few days I really felt I fitted in, sartorially speaking, in Paris. It’s like the go-to ‘cool girl dressing combo’.


I already have a short leopard fluffy coat. But when I saw this midi length one I didn’t hesitate at all – it had to be mine. And apparently, so did everyone else as this coat was snapped up so quickly it almost immediately sold out. So I would recommend calling your store to see if there any left.
But hopefully this post can still inspire you to pull out your leopard print with pride – this really is the season for it to shine.


I had a few comments asking about how to keep it chic, and tis is my tip: keep everything else single and expensive looking. The chain strap on the bag and the cashmere sweater in a classic colour keeps this from looking cheap.


Faux fur coat: £99, Marks & Spencer (bought instore). Cashmere jumper: £75, Marks & Spencer. Jeans: £180.61, Paige Denim at ShopbopSuede chain strap bag: £99, Marks & Spencer. Shoes: £395, Jimmy Choo.

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer, but I would’ve bought the coat anyway.


  1. Love it all. Not surprised that the coat was a sell out. Its quite a cool toned leopard skin and will suit lots of different colourings. I like the snow leopard coat in the Indigo range. Quite like a charcoal grey leopard print coat in New Look too. And as for that bag – I love it. Have been trawling the High Street for a cheaper dupe since you featured it.

  2. Looking good! Thanks so much for your blog posts. I'm not great at trawling through the shops. You create a perfect edit of what's out there. A great shortcut to the loveliest things. Always inspiring, I've gone on to purchase lots of what you pick. Love the travel tips and posts too. Thanks so much again! All the best. Claire

    1. Thank you! It means a lot, I do try really hard to find the best pieces and don't take my job lightly as it can be find! I think it's good, when you're busy to find a site that works for you and know you're in safe hands! xxx

  3. Armed with my new mantra to 'dress bolder now I'm older' I set forth to my local m&s and I still cannot believe I managed to source this coat in store only yesterday! It feels like serendipity 🙂 sized up because i like it extra slouchy. I have to say, this is probably the nicest and least tacky leopard coats I have ever set eyes upon – felling super happy and super stylish.

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