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The infamous desk of Jenna Lyons, via Pinterest

So we haven’t even finished decorating our study, yet. And I made a bit of a life decision. I put a deposit down on an office, walking distance from our house.

It’s not a decision I took lightly, and something I’ve been pondering over for a while – it’s a huge expense for me. But something I discussed with my husband a lot and we know it’s right.

For me, it’s possibly the only way I will be able to strike that balance between work and life (especially as my life involves a little more of my dedicated time with our current renovation project). To not have deliveries in our living room, to be able to ‘leave’ and ‘switch off’. But also, to be able to move forward with potentially help and assistance – rather than the daily struggle of ‘just about managing’ by myself.

I read an article on Me & Orla recently about defining success and I must admit, a lot of it rang true for me – success is being able to work in my own time, doing what I love whilst also giving me the time to enjoy spending time with loved ones. And the latter still needs work.

So this a huge step forward, but of course….it’s another room that needs decorating.

Images via Pinterest

So now to the fun bit…the decorating ideas. I would like it to be a space where I walk in and get excited that it’s my space, my place for ideas. I’ve worked in so many corporate offices I’m also excited to add a bit of personality to it. The space is quite industrial already but lots of natural light – I’ve decided on a pink wall…and I’m pulling up the floor and painting it for a more industrial look (and we had loads of Leyland’d ‘Nimbus Grey’ floor paint leftover from the house.

Luckily, with the move, we have a few bits of furniture I can recycle and re-use such as the desks and prints. I have a rail I bought from John Lewis for our spare room which is actually far too big, so it’s great to have somewhere else to make use of it!

I’m hopefully going to go bold, being inspired a lot lately by Luke Edward Hall’s office, after seeing it on the Papier site…

Luke Edward Hall’s fabulous office via Papier

It will be a few weeks yet before I fully move in, but here a few things I’ve had my eye on…

1. Rug: £79.99, H&M Home

2. Paint in ‘Subtle Blush’, £9, B&Q

3. Clothes rail: £120, John Lewis

4. Print: €29, Paper Collective

5. Lamp: £125, Cox & Cox

6. Basket: £8.99, H&M Home

7. Marble table: £174, La Redoute

8. ‘Monstera’ plant: Ikea

9. ‘Hay’ candle: £30, Field Apothecary


  1. Its a good decision, working from home is great but there is something about having your space out of home which immediately puts you in professional mode. It will give you a more definitive divide between home and professional life.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the end result!
    I can’t help thinking that while an office away from home is highly practical, it also seems quite luxurious in a very positive way. I mean how many of us get to decide exactly how our working environment looks? The down side is you have to decorate and, not least, pay for it yourself.
    And the best bit, when the working day is over, you can lock the door and walk away.

    1. Oh yes – totally! And I’ve chosen to spend the money on this rather than pay myself more – so it is a risk! But for me, more time with family is more important…and yes, locking the door behind!

  3. Well done I think it’s a big step but understand the need of defining ones work and home life and being able to separate the two. I look forward to seeing how you transform the space and how much more you will develop as a person as well as creatively.

  4. Well done Alex and a wise decision which I’m sure you will see huge benefits. Look forward to seeing how the space comes together in the weeks ahead.

  5. Think its really sensible of you, very difficult to obtain work life balance at the best of times, so somewhere you can close and walk away is a good way forward. Next project is leaving at a reasonable time, i.e ;say 4.00 p.m and walk away at 5.00 for example.
    Just a thought, I live in a beautiful 300 year old thatched barn with lots of beams, so wanted something different for the kitchen. Decided on a faded white and dark grey scheme with stainless steel. The reason for the thought it we used scaffold boards for the shelving as I didn’t want wall to wall cabinets. Very sturdy, we had some iron brackets made and left them outside age, lightly sanded down the boards and gave them a couple of coats of semi matt varnish, so I could clean them and the wood would show through, we also tried to get the boards with the old iron edges – everyone loves the kitchen, and the first thing they mention is the shelving -just a thought.

  6. I am SO excited for you, and agree that it’s a big but very savvy decision.

    I’m sort of obsessed with Luke Edward Hall’s work and home lately, so love that his studio is your inspiration too! I can’t wait to see how you pull it all together and make it your own (and please let me know how I can help).

    Briony xx

  7. Really interested to see what you will do with the space. I am just about to move into a house with a large converted garage which I want to do up as an office. I also work from home and am looking forward to getting more work life balance.

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