New year, big bag

Coat: Marks & Spencer (sold out). Cashmere jumper: £75, Marks & Spencer (buy a size bigger for more slouch). Jeans: Asos (sold out but buy similar from H&M here). Bag: Marks & Spencer (sold out). Trainers: £49.99, Vans. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell

Well I do love a cliche…and not least Fashion Blogger with a teeny tiny bag. Mainly because I am too cheap to spend money on the larger size of bags and I am just drawn to those cute, mini camera cross-body bags. I have been known to spend as much as I can afford on the smallest designer bag, only to then find it doesn’t actually fit my wallet.


So: new year, new me and all that. At the end of last year (not least because we were moving and frankly needed the money and the space), I sold 4 of my small cross-body bags on Vestiaire and Tictail. Sophie Hulme: gone. That little blue cross-body Anya bag I had years ago? That went to a reader!

And I got this…I’d seen it in a mag a month before it was due in store and stalked it out. It was £100 which I thought was expensive for M&S but now it’s sold out I feel totally smug. And it fits everything in!

I’m not saying I won’t be using teeny tiny bags anymore – I still love them. But I felt like it was about time I faced the facts (and reality). And a bit of practicality goes a long way.

In terms of clothing, this is another quite unadventurous look for me – but a cashmere jumper (especially for someone still without heating in the house) is all I want to wear right now. Mine is actually a mens’ version but the crew-neck is available in womens – just go up a size so it’s a more relaxed, slouchy look.

Coat: Marks & Spencer (sold out). Cashmere jumper: £75, Marks & Spencer. Jeans: Asos (sold out but buy similar from H&M here). Bag: Marks & Spencer (sold out). Trainers: £49.99, Vans.

This post was in collaboration with Marks & Spencer (but the bag was already on my list).


  1. Alex, as a new blogger I’ve just found your beautiful site and I love it! It’s exactly what us Londoners need. Have you come across the Andrew Martin warehouse sales?! I have a feeling they’d be right up your street. I’ll be blogging about the upcoming sale in the next few weeks….Hx

      1. My Aunt & Brother In Law work for Andrew Martin, as did my sister. Cue some lovely discounted fabrics and gorgeous gifts! I still covet some of the unusual and beautiful pieces in my sister’s house.

  2. This is exactly the size and shape bag that I want – and a great price, can’t afford the Pravda one) but was too late to get it. Love it

    I have a couple of slouch big bags (anya hindmarch & Michael kors) but they are too heavy before you put anything in them!

  3. I LOVE big bags as I’m one of those people who has to carry absolutely EVERYTHING around with me… that one is super cool, a bit sad it’s sold out but probably for the best for my wallet!

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog, but tend to visit every couple of weeks when I have a some free time and catch up in a binge. However since your new layout this has become a bit harder to do, you now have to click into each post, then click back out and then into the next one. Would you consider adding a ‘previous/next post’ link at the bottom of each one to make navigation easier? Many thanks and good luck with the new house.

    1. Hi Sarah – so good to get feedback! Someone else asked this as well….I made it so you click on each post as thought some people hate scrolling through everything but it seems some of you do! Will add this to my snagging list xxx

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