Bed sheets: Primark. Cushion: H&M Home (old). Plate: £12, West Elm. Side tables: £349 for 2, West Elm. Travel candle: £12, Wood/Grey. Black task lamp: £25, John Lewis. Copper lamp: £30, Habitat (available in gold or silver).

I only just found out that BRB meant Be Right Back (*quick google search*)….so thought I’d put it to use.

Pyjamas: Desmond & Dempsey (sold out but sign up to be notified when back in stock)

It’s highly unlikely that these scenes photographed will actually be happening this week. Instead, I’ll be unpacking boxes, eating off paper plates and trying to get heating, pipes and rewiring done so the blog will resume (if the internet connects) on the 5th Jan – see you then. And a happy new year!


  1. Happy New Year Alex!

    Best blogger by far for me this year, cant wait to hear about your next update and good luck with the house!

    Cheryl x

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for another year of your inspirational blog – and I hope all the renovation and decoration work goes well! Angie

  3. Good luck with the new house and a happy new year. Looking forward to read about this new adventure. Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. Have a good break and look forward to your next post. Your blog became my favourite fashion blog last year, refreshing to read something about wearing real & actually accessible clothes! Katie

  5. Hi Alex. Happy New Year!
    Catching up on my blog reading, not read any for around 4 months and missed the precious feet up time! Sounds like you have been as busy as ever and I look forward to readng about your home as it develops.
    Cincidence or what, but my Son flew to HK on business and put ‘BRB’ on his IG caption so I too googled it only yesterday!!
    Anyway, happy greeting, XX

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