Trail blazer

If I could describe my 'can't live without' styling piece in my wardrobe, it's the blazer. I don't have tons, but I definitely have enough. That is, until I saw this one in H&M.
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How to wear white trousers

And as soon as I post this, London only goes and has a heatwave. I've wanted a pair of white trousers for a while, but something a bit smarter than jeans. And when I saw these Mango high waisted versions, I logged on immediately as they were just what I…
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The statement sweatshirt

Sequin jumper: £46, Next. Jeans: £34.99, Gap. Shoes: Boden (old but buy similar from Hobbs here)   If the last few posts are anything to go by, you’ll know I don’t do majorly dressy. The combination of a sweatshirt with something sparkly is usually how I do it. So this jumper, for me, is possibly my perfect…
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