How to wear white trousers

Jacket: H&M (old). Tee: £32, J Crew. Trousers: £49.99, Mango. Shoes: Sezane (old but buy the tan suede version here). Bag: £120, Kurt Geiger. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

And as soon as I post this, London only goes and has a heatwave.

I’ve wanted a pair of white trousers for a while, but something a bit smarter than jeans. And when I saw these Mango high waisted versions, I logged on immediately as they were just what I was looking for.

I feel like I’ve been wearing jeans so much lately though that it took a bit of a while for my wardrobe to adjust. The super high (and detailed) waist means you have to pair them with something pretty simple (I’ve seen a few people do a bodysuit which looks amazing but not quite for me, yet). So my trusty J Crew tee it was, but as the weather verged on gail force winds when we shot this, a jacket was in order, too.

This jacket was an old buy from H&M about 5 years ago (you can see a super old, cringey early blogpost wearing it here) and it is still, to this day, one of my favourites – the bomber shape is still in fashion and the leopard print is just right.

Perfect for those inbetween-not-sure-what-the-weather-is-doing kind of days. But equally, they look great with a off the shoulder top (I bought a one shoulder navy striped top (sadly sold out already) at the same time and they look total Riviera-chic).

Earrings: H&M (bought instore)

We took these photos after the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum which we loved and would strongly recommend – the use of colour was superb, something I didn’t put into practise with this outfit…!

But what’s more London (or fashion even) than grey/leopard and white?

Jacket: H&M (old). Tee: £32, J Crew. Trousers: £49.99, Mango. Bag: £120, Kurt Geiger.


  1. LOVE these trousers – I’ve always wanted a pair of white ones, but I’ve got pretty big hips and thighs so they usually look terrible on me. The high waist and cut of these ones look like they just might work though? Off to Mango this lunchtime I think…
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

  2. A question: are these trousers made of a good cotton fabric? Most of white/ecru/off-white cotton/cotton blended or linen/linen blended fabrics look almost like a see-through clothing…For trousers , skirts, dresses on these colors and fabrics l have experienced that mainly expensive brands can provide better quality (obviously) and you get less concerned whether your underwear and/or shirts can be seen through your white trousers.

      1. Hi, Alexandra,
        Thanks for your reply. Normally l use nude underwear when wearing lighter colors but, even having such precaution, some fabrics can let a nude color a bit revealing.
        Despite this if the clothing with such fabrics is not well made it will also give the look if it comes from a very cheap fast fashion collection. xx 🙂

  3. A question:
    The trousers look wonderful on you – not so clever on me!
    Did you turn these trousers at the bottom please and if so was it professionally done? The ones which have arrived from Mango do not have turn ups – [ they look better with these I think] and they are also cream rather than white .. may be going back!

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