Trainers with everything: 3 ways to wear

Dress: H&M (old). Trainers: £69, Veja at Arket. Bag: £155, Sezane. Photographs: Ella Sadika.

It’s no secret I’m a huge advocate for trainers, I love the way they dress down an outfit and can allow me to go about my day in a much smoother, quicker fashion. And since having a baby this has never been more necessary (although now I’m almost cursing being so mobile whilst pregnant as Peggy can’t fall asleep in her pram unless I’m walking at a lightning pace!).

When I first saw this dress (admittedly, it was via Does My Bum Look 40’s Instagram Stories), I knew it needed trainers (or a great simple flat sandal – A Piedi do gorgeous ones if you’re after a super comfy pair that will last). The dress was quite parachute like but it was loose and had buttons which was exactly what I needed for post pregnancy. A few friends have bought this dress after seeing me wearing it with trainers as it just makes the whole thing more wearable.

A few years ago I would never have worn a red maxi dress in the day but this feels great.

These are more ‘plimsolls’ I suppose, and something I felt was missing from my wardrobe (in truth, nothing is ‘missing’ from my wardrobe but that’s how I justify it!) – I have Converse high tops but wanted something a bit simpler and pristine and less chunky to wear with tea dresses. Veja is a vegan brand I’ve been looking at for a while (their ethos is so great) but the versions I like are always sold out, so when I saw them in Arket a few weeks back I knew I had to try them on – and they’re so comfortable I’ve rarely taken them off since.

Jumpsuit: £140, Sezane. Trainers: £120, Boden x Walsh.

Next up are the ‘dad’ trainers. This style is huge right now and like them or not, this pair are amazingly comfortable. I first heard of Walsh trainers via Hannah from En Brogue, they’re made in the UK and vegan too! So when Boden collaborated with the brand I was keen to get on board (I was gifted this pair).

Again, I have worn these with dresses but I love the utility look of pairing them with a jumpsuit. This is a great outfit for meetings as I still feel smart, or a good weekend look (yep, breastfeeding friendly).

Earrings: £4.99, Mango. Jumpsuit: £140, Sezane. Trainers: £120, Boden x Walsh.

And lastly are the trainers I get asked about ALL the time on social – the mustard Vans. I have had a pair of black Vans for years and although tough to break in (the backs of them are rather stiff), it is totally worth doing.

Sunglasses: £17.99, Mango. T-shirt: Rarely (site seems to be down, hope it’s back soon as this is one of my fave tees!). Skirt: £109, Baukjen (gifted). Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (gifted. This style is sold out but the pale blue version is in the sale for 50% off here). Trainers: £47.99, Vans.

I first stumbled upon these Vans with Lucy Williams in Philadelphia whilst shooting for Free People and we both immediately went home and bought them! My black vans had died and I love the colour of these – ‘Glazed Ginger’ – nice to have a common pair of sneakers in an unusual colour. Skate style trainers make polka dots and frills seem less ‘girly’ and suit that tomboy vibe I am used to (and the mini bag brings it back to girly again).

I know, I know, the little bags again. But don’t worry, I still have an eco bag of all my ‘stuff’ to carry around – and I’m lucky now as I can put that bag under the pram now! This bag does also come with a long cross-body strap but I like the cuteness of it without – more Alexa Chung vibes (I’m hoping, anyway!).

Skirt: £109, Baukjen (gifted). Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (gifted. This style is sold out but the pale blue version is in the sale for 50% off here). Trainers: £47.99, Vans.

This is what I’ve been living in lately, and also note that all of these outfits would work really well with flat sandals and heels too for something less casual. I always try and strive for a wardrobe that can be easily adapted for any situation – that way I never have to panic buy for an event. All of these looks can be changed dramatically by adding a jewelled earring and a kitten heel. Done.


  1. Love the post, can’t remember when trainers became such a huge deal? Probably around the time hip-hop music took off and street dancing was everywhere, perhaps the mid eighties. Now a total staple of every wardrobe at every age

  2. gooorgeous! I’m always in trainers too! Have the black vans but definitely considering a different colour and these are such a great colour – bright but neutral (does that even make sense!?)

    Laura x

  3. I will definitely buy more trainers! I want to wear trainers everywhere, every time so I often wear jeans or short. Love the way you wear trainers with dress, thank you for sharing!

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